While you can start a business anywhere, some places are more well-suited for startups to thrive than others. You don’t have to go to London to find a prosperous market for your product or service, either; there are many cities in the United Kingdom that will see your company grow and succeed. Here are a few of them. 




Birmingham is the hub of commercial activity both nationally and internationally, and has been since the Industrial Revolution. It’s home to the country’s largest active business population and has a large talent rate; about 241,900 of the talent have an NVQ Level 4 qualification or above. Affordability is a bonus in Birmingham as well for both office and living spaces, making it a cheaper alternative to London. 


The High Speed 2 (HS2) train line will connect London and Birmingham with less than an hour commute between the cities; eventually, the HS2 will connect to Manchester as well, creating new business opportunities beyond the capital. Those who settle in Birmingham may see a lower cost of living and a less-saturated job market in the future.




Sheffield has become a recent hub of activity, attracting both domestic and international investment to the city and making it a great place for businesses to thrive. Companies that specialise in manufacturing, technology, and IT will have a particularly great time in the city, as these industries seem to be thriving in it, and recent investments in Sheffield’s creative and digital quarters have set the foundation for a strong startup environment. The cost is relatively cheaper in Sheffield as well, making it a prime spot for new businesses.




Like Sheffield, Glasgow has recently gone under major change and benefited from several infrastructure investments. Scotland’s second-biggest city has a lot of pull in its talent base, especially in the technology sector, making it perfect for tech startups to settle down in. Small businesses also have access to several grants provided through Business Gateway and Scottish Enterprise. 


Glasgow is a world-leading smart city and a future city demonstrator—it showed as much in the successful business growths since 2013 and in improved citizen experiences and safety. It is an interconnected city with a high-quality labour force, having four different universities within a 10-mile radius from the city centre.